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Recall and Product Advisories

For more information: email or call 800.829.2009

Mammut has identified a problem with a connector between the deployment mechanism and the Venturi valve in certain of their avalanche airbags. This problem could prevent your airbag from functioning properly.

To determine if your bag is affected, please check here. If your bag is affected, you will need to stop using it right away and contact Mammut customer service to arrange for a free repair.
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BCA has found that on some packs, the E-clip which holds the cable assembly together can accidentally dislodge when you connect or disconnect the compressed air cylinder. If this happens, the pack may not deploy properly. BCA believes it is best to replace the entire assembly.

This trigger update includes the Float 30, 18, 36, 22, 32 and Throttle. The Float 30 with T-handle is not included. Owners of Float 30 packs with cone-shaped handles should contact BCA for instructions at The upgraded trigger assembly is standard on all 2013-2014 airbags and utilizes a hex crimp instead of an E-clip as a retention solution.

For more information on the recall and how to return your product please click the links below.

Safety Alert
Trigger Installation Instructions
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In testing, Wild Country has discovered that some production lots of their Anodized or Classic Rock stoppers do not achieve their rated strength. In some cases, the failure load was below the peak load you might generate if you fall on an affected Wild Country stopper.

The products affected by this recall are Classic Rocks and Anodized Rocks with batch codes AG, AH, BII, and JBE. These batch codes are marked on the size label, underneath the clear sleeve which covers the swage.

For more information on the recall and how to return your product please click the links below.

If you have further questions please contact

Anodized Rocks and Classic Rocks recall FAQ's.pdf
Voluntary Recall notice and return information
Automated Returns Portal
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Wild Country has issued a VOLUNTARY RECALL FOR HELIUM CARABINERS with batch codes (located on the spine):


All carabiners affected by the recall were distributed after July 15th, 2012.

Wild Country has become aware of a gate closure issue where the gate does not properly engage with the nose. When weighted the gate may slip off the nose, significantly reducing the strength of the carabiner. Since Wild Country cannot guarantee that the carabiners with the identified Batch Codes meet the European Standard for carabiners (EN12275) they are issuing an immediate recall notice.

For more information on the recall and how to return your product please view the PDF's below.

If you have further questions please contact

Voluntary Recall notice and return information.pdf
Helium FAQ's.pdf
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Wild Country has issued a VOLUNTARY RECALL FOR THE ROPEMAN 3 ascending device with batch codes:


These units can be identified by their aluminum ridged cam (future models will have a stainless steel toothed cam). Although it meets EN567 requirements, Wild Country has found that in certain circumstances, rather than locking on the rope as expected, the Ropeman III may slip when initially loaded. This slippage is more likely to occur when the rope is under significant tension and the cam of the Ropeman 3 has not been specifically set in position on the rope by the user.

With a focus on the safety of their customers, Wild Country has made the decision to recall the Ropeman 3 with immediate effect. Upon return, Wild Country will replace your gear with your choice of a Ropeman 1 or Ropeman 2, together with a locking carabiner.

Please note the Ropeman 1 and Ropeman 2 are NOT affected by this recall.

For more information on the recall and how to return your product please view the PDF's below.

If you have further questions please contact

Recall notice and return information.pdf
Ropeman 3 FAQ's.pdf
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Dynafit has developed a new solution for managing the rotation on Radical bindings. All future Radical ST and FT bindings will use an external rotation lock mounted on the brake instead of the inner pin which had served to limit rotation on earlier Radical bindings. Dynafit will offer this rotation lock device at no cost later this spring and you are welcome to order one from them now. You can reach them at (303)444-0446 or

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you of another issue with Dynafit’s Radical bindings. A metal plate in the climbing aid apparatus is weaker than designed and can cause breakage to the Radical’s climbing aid. Dynafit has told us that this is not a safety issue and the problem is isolated to .17% of all Radical bindings sold to date.

Dynafit has introduced production changes to address the problem in new bindings and is working with us to replace and repair older Radical bindings with the faulty climbing aid at no charge. If you have experienced this problem, please contact Dynafit at (303)444-0446 or

Instructions for mounting the rotation lock.pdf
Radical Binding Technical Upgrade - Written and Visual Instructions.pdf
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June 2011 - Petzl GRIGRI 2 Belay Device
Petzl has issued a RECALL FOR REPLACEMENT FOR ALL GRIGRI 2 assisted braking belay devices (D14 2O, D14 2G, D14 2B) from serial number 10326 through 11136, sold after January 1, 2011. Petzl has discovered that exerting excessive force on the fully extended handle of the GRIGRI 2 can cause internal damage, such that the GRIGRI 2 handle may become stuck in the open position.

While Petzl has no knowledge of any accidents resulting from a damaged GRIGRI 2 handle, owners of the damaged GRIGRI 2 should contact Petzl American to initiate an exchange by emailing or calling 800.932.2978.

See Petzl recall
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May 2011 - Petzl SCORPIO via ferrata lanyards
Petzl has issued a product recall for any SCORPIO landyards with serial numbers starting with 11137*** with relevant product references: L60, L60 CK, L60 2, L60 2 CK, L60 H, L60 WL, K29VF 1, K29VF 2, K29VE 1, K29VE 2, K29V 1, K29V 2. Petzl's internal investigation and analysis of their manufacturing procedures specific to the production of tear-webbing energy absorbers has identified a weakness that could explain the defect leading to this accident. Petzle is urging purchasers of the SCORPIO to return them to Petzl America for inspection. Petzl will pay for shipping in each direction for this return.

Contact Petzl America at 801.926.1541 or email:
See Petzl recall
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April 2011 - SPOT Satellite Communicator with PN-60w
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issues a recall on all CAMP USA Photon carabiners, Photon and Mach Express quickdraws. It has been discovered that the carabineer gate may open under a heavy load, posing a risk of serious injury or death if the climber falls.

The carabiners were sold in a variety of colors including green, yellow, silver and brown. The quickdraws use a white or black fabric strap with green, yellow or gray stitching and Photon carabiners attached at each end.

Consumers should stop using the recalled carabiners and quickdraws sold with carabiners immediately and contact CAMP USA to return the recalled products for a full refund.

You may contact CAMP USA Inc. at 877.421.2267 between 9 am and 5 pm MT Monday through Friday.
See CAMP recall
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April 2011 - SPOT Satellite Communicator with PN-60w
SPOT LLC has issued a recall on all SPOT Satellite Communicators which are bundled and sold exclusively with the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w. In certain incidents, intended messages may not be transmitted (including requests for help or emergency assistance) when the SPOT Satellite Communicator is used at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

SPOT LLC is committed to providing the highest quality and best performance to its customers. Therefore, SPOT LLC is conducting a complete product replacement of all Spot Satellite Communicators within ESN range: 0-2000000 and 0-2019999.
See SPOT recall
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December 2010 - Black Diamond Avalung Pack
DMM has issued a recall for all #4 and #5 Dragon Cams with turned axle bosses. The Dragon Cams #1, #2, #3 are manufactured using 316 Stainless Steel with a different process and should be unaffected by this issue. This affects: Dragon Cam #218392 and Dragon Cam Set 1-6 #115298
See DMM recall notice
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December 2010 - Petzl Nomic and Ergo ice tools
It has come to our attention that the adjustment system of the GRIPREST (the lower hand rest at the bottom of the handle) on the 2010 NOMIC (U21 2) and ERGO (U22) in some cases may not stay fixed in the desired size position.

This issue concerns NOMIC and ERGO ice tools with serial numbers between 10208 and 10329 and all GRIPREST (U21 GR2) accessory parts. It does not concern the new QUARKs or the older versions of the NOMICs, QUARKs and QUARK ERGOs.

Anyone with a damaged NOMIC or ERGO or who has concerns about the durability of the GRIPREST adjustment system, is encouraged to contact the Petzl America warranty department at or the store from which they were purchased for further information about the warranty procedure. You will be provided with directions on what to do next, as well as an estimated time to modify your tools and have them returned to you.
See Petzl's recall notice
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December 2010 - Black Diamond Avalung Pack
Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. announced a voluntary recall on a limited portion of their 2010 Black Diamond AvaLung Packs due to a possibility that the intake tubing may crack under cold temperatures. The recall pertains to a limited manufacturing run of Black Diamond AvaLung packs produced in 2010, which can be identified by a PO number and model combination. Please visit for a complete list of models and PO numbers. Any pack identified as part of the recall and potentially defective, should be immediately returned to Black Diamond Equipment for inspection. For help identifying and/or for instructions for return, please contact Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd.801.278.5533 (8 am - 6 pm MST, Monday - Friday) or email
See Black Diamond Avalung Pack recall notice
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November 2010 - Spark R&D Blaze Splitboard Binding
Spark R&D has issued a notice of a recall for all Blaze Splitboard Bindings. Product testing has revealed that the ankle buckles can come unclipped, causing the buckle to flop around. Spark R&D's quality standards have not been met, and the company would like to replace all buckles for the Blaze Splitboard Binding.
See Spark R&D notice.
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November 2010 - Optimus Nova+ Multifuel Stove
Optimus & Katadyn Products have issued a notice of a recall for all Nova and Nova+ Multifuel Stoves. Product testing has revealed fuel leakage in the field. Optimus & Katadyn's quality standards have not been met, and the company would like to replace all Nova and Nova+ Multifuel Stoves purchased between January 2009 and September 2010.
See Optimus notice.
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October 2010 - CamelBak Flow Meter
CamelBak has issued a notice of a recall for all Flow Meters. Product testing has revealed inaccuracies in measuring the amount of water consumed. CamelBak's quality standards have not been met, and the company would like to replace all Flow Meters that have been purchased. Our item numbers for the recalled products are 114978 and 114980. Please call 800.787.8725 for assistance.
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July 2010 – DMM Dragon Cam size 6
DMM has issued a notice that a problem with some raw material used in the Dragon Cam size 6 may affect the strength of some units. This recall notice involves only the size 6 of the DMM Dragon Cam - all other sizes are not involved. The problem originates from a structural defect in the raw material used to make a single component (the aluminum axle boss) of the size 6 Dragon Cam. DMM requests that all consumers with a size 6 Dragon Cam immediately discontinue use and return the unit to DMM International. Replacement units should be available in September 2010, though requests for credit will be honored by DMM. Our item number for the DMM Dragon Cam size 6 is 218392.
See recall notice.
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June 2010 - RuffWear Headwater Collars
RuffWear has issued a notice of a recall for all Headweater Collars. Some product testing indicates that excessive pulling force can cause the stitching to fail, resulting in the collar coming off the dog's next. RuffWear's minimum strength-rating quality standards have not been met.
See RuffWear notice.
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Klean Kanteen Classic Sport Cap 2.0
Klean Kanteen has issued a notice of a recall with the Sport Cap 2.0 (sold individually and on some Klean Kanteen bottles). Some consumer reports indicate that the spout tip of the Sport Cap 2.0 can crack or break after being dropped, which could pose a possible choking or ingestion hazard. Our item numbers for these products are 114526 and 219813.
See Klean Kanteen notice.
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Black Diamond Xenos Harness product advisory
Product advisory for Black Diamond Xenos Harnesses.
Black Diamond has issued a notice that some Xenos Harnesses are not meeting internal quality requirements as they pertain to the Ice Clipper slots. Some slots are becoming unstitched during use. This does not present a customer safety issue and does not affect the ability of the harness to hold you in a fall. Black Diamond will replace the waist belt of your harness, though they cannot guarantee a timeline due to limited quantities. Replacements will be done on a first come / first served basis. The Xenos Harness is safe to use throughout the ice climbing season, so you can send your harness back in the spring if you’d like. Until then, Black Diamond suggests backing up your Ice Clipper slots using the black rubber keeper strap that comes with the Ice Clipper. Our item number for the Black Diamond Xenos Harness is 217420.
See the Xenos Harness notice.
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SPOT-2 Satellite GPS Messenger
Voluntary product return of SPOT-2 Satellite GPS Messengers purchased since October 1, 2009.
Some SPOT-2 devices might not meet battery and messaging operating specifications. If you purchased a SPOT-2 after October 1, 2009, you qualify for a replacement device, available in early 2010. Your exchange will be free of charge. Our item number for this product is 114707.
See the SPOT notice.
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Outdoor Research PrimoVolta Gloves
Product Recall of Outdoor Research PrimoVolta and PrimaVolta gloves sold between November 2008 and January 2009. Affected gloves’ electronics can short circuit and overheat, causing burns to users. Use of gloves may be hazardous, and all customers should stop using them immediately. Our item numbers for these stoves are 212488 and 212487. Outdoor Research style numbers are 77000 (men’s) and 77010 (women’s) Please contact us for inspection and return information.
See Outdoor Research PrimoVolta and PrimaVolta recall notice
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Jetboil Personal and Gropu Cooking Systems
Recall of certain Jetboil Personal (PCS) and Group Cooking Systems (GCS). Safety alert applies to Jetboil Personal and Group Cooking Systems shipped to Jetboil dealers between July 10 and September 9, 2008. Potential defect applies to stoves sold since July 10, 2008 which utilize the Jetboil “B” style gas valve. Affected stoves may experience a gas leak and subsequent ignition of the gas leak. Our item numbers for these stoves are 210326, 113125, 111550, 113126, 112216, and 113132. Please contact us for inspection and return information.
See Jetboil Personal and Group Cooking Systems recall notice.
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Petzl Sarken Crampon
Recall affects any/all models of Petzl Charlet Sarken Crampons, sidelock, spirlock, wirelever, or leverlock, any binding system with black or orange colored metallic parts. Our item numbers for these crampons are 111571 and 640634. The frontpoints of Sarken crampons are susceptible to premature wear out following heavy use. Please contact us for return information.
See Petzl Sarken Crampon recall notice.
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Trango Maxcam #1
Recall includes only #1(red) Maxcams from batch numbers 0605 and 0705, sold in 2005 & 2006. The batch number can be found below the strength rating on the outside of the cam lobe. Our item numbers for these cams are 6406820001 (single) and 640783 (set). Only #1 Maxcams from these batch numbers are affected, all other Maxcams can be used with confidence. The recall is due to the fact that a small number of these Maxcams have head axel rivets that do not meet the minimum specified diameter, possibly resulting in failure of the cam assembly. Please discontinue use of these cams and return them to Trango. Contact us for return information.
See Trango Maxcam #1 recall notice.
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